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Tractor Trailer/Truck Accidents

Tractor Trailer/Truck Accidents

On the highway, a rural road or in the city, a truck accident can have catastrophic consequences. Truck Accidents are often caused due to reckless and/or negligent driving by the truck drivers who are either fatigued or under the influence of drugs. Not only do these types of accidents cause serious injuries to the victims but at times prove fatal as well. Truck accidents are different than other auto accidents. In truck accidents it is important to find out the trucks stopping distances, impact forces, deceleration factors, turning radius, and torque dynamics.

Close familiarity with the special nature of truck accidents can help us establish liability against the defendant through understanding such details as the different ways flatbed trailers fishtail on turns when loaded or empty, or the effect of wet pavement conditions on braking distances at different speeds. There are other important factors to understand as well including the limited number of hours a driver can be on the road in a given day or week, prescribed safety standards for tractors and trailers, and required regular inspection and maintenance of trucks and trailers.

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