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Awards & Verdicts

$3.1 MILLION SETTLEMENT – Motor Vehicle Accident

A 46-year old construction worker injured in his co-worker’s vehicle when it was hit by a tractor-trailer and propelled into a multi-vehicle collision. As a result, he sustained neck and back injuries requiring surgeries and permanently disabled from returning to his job as a crane operator.

$2.6 MILLION SETTLEMENT – Workplace Accident

A laborer fell through hole in roof onto concrete floor, suffering injuries to his spine, pelvis and wrist requiring surgery.

$1.0 MILLION SETTLEMENT – Motor Vehicle Accident

A 37-year female involved in intersection accident on Sunrise Hwy suffers a shoulder injury and resulting rare nerve condition known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome requiring implant of spinal stimulator.

$925,000 SETTLEMENT – Motor Vehicle Accident

A NYPD officer was seriously injured when his police vehicle was rear-ended by a negligent motorist. His lawsuit was settled just prior to trial.

$750,000 SETTLEMENT – Motor Vehicle Accident

A 26-year-old male suffered a hip injury that resulted in nerve damage that was treated at Johns Hopkins by implanting a permanent stimulator.

$725,000 SETTLEMENT – Motor Vehicle Accident

A 57-year-old male was in a head-on collision with a vehicle that was insured with only a $25,000 policy that was offered. However, the victim suffered serious injuries and we successfully collected another $700,000 from the client’s employer’s underinsurance coverage.

$450,000 SETTLEMENT – Motorcycle Accident

An off-duty NCPD detective was injured when a vehicle emerged from a parking lot and collided with his motorcycle. He sustained head, neck, back, shoulder, and knee injuries with no resultant surgery and returned to work in four months.

$450,000 SETTLEMENT – Sidewalk Accident

A 60-year-old female tripped and fell on a defective sidewalk in our neighborhood, sustaining knee, shoulder and back injuries.

$450,000 VERDICT – Medical Malpractice

A cancer patient treated over period of time with steroids developed osteoporosis due to doctor’s failure to prescribe calcium and vitamin D supplements. After jury found in favor of client, insurance company settled.